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Outdoor activities in the natural environment for all


Osprey Outdoors is a people-focused organisation drawing upon the natural environment to offer a range of inspiring courses and inclusive activities that are open to all. 

Here's what people have to say:

"I found friends, community and self worth. I met almost my entire friendship group here in Weston and to top it off, I was treated as a person when my life situation was awful and this gave me a reason to keep living, gave me the strength to keep fighting.

I cannot express my gratitude for everyone at Osprey, staff and student/volunteer alike."

"I would like to say a very big thank you.  Osprey Outdoors has taken me from a very scared dark nasty point in my life, I was very depressed and I suffered deeply with anxiety.  Thanks to your care, love and patience, I have learned to love life again, got remarried and starting to start my life again. Thank you for being a friendly group of outside people, for people that can not stand being cooped up indoors. Thank you."

"I gained friendship, meeting new people, and learning new skills."

"Osprey offers me education, friendship, teamwork, a build of confidence, and being together with nature in the great outdoors."

Follow this link to the Society of Merchant Venturers' case study on Osprey Outdoors:

Follow the link to 'Quartet Community Foundation' one of our funders case study:

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Follow this link for our listing on the 'Hub of Hope' directory and alternative services

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