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Osprey Sensory Garden Sessions, Summer 2022


Sensory gardens incorporate an array of different features, surfaces, objects and plants that stimulate the senses through touch, sight, scent, taste and hearing.

Design, create, make, shape, plan and plant a whole new sensory garden area at Osprey Allotments this year that will be a space of calm and wellbeing in nature.

During these sessions you will learn about different plants for the senses, sow and grow them to plant in the area.

And get creative with different mediums and natural materials including wood and rocks, plants and flowers, ceramics and willow, to build, print, make, sculpt, weave and craft things for the sensory garden.

These sessions took place throughout May, June, July 2022 and saw a small yet dedicated team transform a neglected and abandoned scrap of land on the Osprey allotment site, into a garden of worldly delights through sweat, tears, creativity, cake and much laughter and solidarity!

*****DREAM TEAM*****

Here are some images of the site as a work in progress....

And here in it's full finished glory......

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