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Osprey Christmas Dates

We are soon to take a break, where there will probably be too much seasonal munching, followed by the inevitable hibernation until the new Year.

We have a special one-off Bushcraft in the Dark, This Tuesday 12th (spaces are currently full on the minibus).

Wednesday 13th is the last WsM Walking session of the year. A great chance to burn some pre-Christmas calories. And Thursday 14th is the last Somereset Walking session.

Tuesday 19th is the final session of the year, and is a Horticilture celebration.

We will be back then for a new program in 2024, starting with walking, on Wednesday 3rd January.

Horticulture will then be on THURSDAYS, starting 4th Jan.

Conservation will be on TUESDAYS from January, with a new pick up and time: 0930 from Healthy Living Centre, or 0945 from WsM Train station. Starting 9th Jan.

A new poster with all this will be coming out soon, this is just a heads-up.

We hope that everyone enjoys a little rest and warmth, but don't get too comfortable. We look forward to getting everyone back outdoors as soon as the new year begins.

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