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Summer brings a break

It's been an incredible year so far. We have achieved so much.

Our Osprey Gardens is in full bloom and has become such a therapeutic place to spend some time. We have re-established our Conservation Group and been regularly joining a host of fabulous people running great conservation groups all across the Mendips. It feels as though we have set foot on most of the land in our area through various walks, and have really had a great chance to explore that glorious countryside of ours. And fantastic to have been able to get out and do some great social cycle rides, to increase our fitness and knowledge of the area.

Whilst most things are drawing to a close for the summer, we do hope that we have inspired you to GET OUT this summer break. Whether that's on a little camping trip, a cycle ride, a pilgrimage to wherever or just into your neighbours garden to tidy things up, we would like to encourage you to enjoy the month of August with your own great summer projects.

Tuesday Horticulture will continue 10-3 each week, if you are still about, but all our other courses will be on hold over the summer holidays. In September we shall return with a new program of great activities to get us all motivated in the outdoors again.

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